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​​Medical Dies ​| Lexan Die Boards

 Proudly serving the Medical Steel Rule Die Industry for over 57 years!

Our Philosophy of incorporating the latest equipment and technologies with unmatched hands on experience allows us to manufacture Award Winning Medical Dies!

  State of the Art
100% Automated Medical Steel Rule Die Facility.

   All ACE Medical Steel Rule Dies

are produced on our exclusive CNC Medical Die System
Services Offer At Ace Steel Rule Dies :
  • MedicalDies
  • Lexan Die Boards
  • Pharmacuetical Cutting Dies
  • Clear Steel Rule Dies
  • Lexan Steel Rule Dies
  • ​Medical Cutting Dies
  • Clean Room Steel Rule Dies
  • FDA Steel Rule Dies
  • Stainless Steel Rule Dies
  • Clean non burnt CNC Medical Dies
  • See Through Steel Rule Dies
  • ​Stainless Steel Medical Dies
  • Multiple Automatic Steel Rule Benders
  • 5 Minute Quote Policy
  • Free UPS!
  • Unmatched Knowledge and Experience
  • Customers in All 50 States, Mexico, Europe, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Steel Rule Dies | Medical Dies

  1. Medical Steel Rule Die Manufacturer
    Medical Steel Rule Die Manufacturer
    Ace Steel Rule Dies manufacturers High Tolerance Medical Steel Rule Dies to 1000's of Pharmaceutical Companies. Established in 1960 we are America's Premier Medical Steel Rule Die Maker.
  2. Medical Steel Rule Dies
    Medical Steel Rule Dies
    America's Source for Clear Lexan Medical Steel Rule Dies. Our dedicated CNC Medical Dieboard System creates High Tolerance medical dies used throughout the world. Stainless Steel Rule Blades are available for our Medi-Dies.
  3. Medical Dies
    Medical Dies
    Our Medical Dies are made with Ge Lexan bases. We do Not use inferior Plexiglass or Acrylic which shatters under normal use. Precision tooling available exclusively at Ace using our Dedicated Medical Die Manufacturing System.