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  2. Automatic Steel Rule Bender
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​​Steel Rule Dies | Gasket Dies

 Proudly serving the Gasket and Seal Die Cutting Industry for over 57 years!

Our Philosophy of incorporating the latest equipment and technologies with unmatched hands on experience allows us to manufacture Award Winning Gasket Dies!

  State of the Art
100% Automated Gasket Steel Rule Die Manufacturing Facility.
​Laser and Gerber Profile Steel Rule Dies

   All ACE Gasket Steel Rule Dies

must exceed International Die Tolerance Codes.
If that were not enough we offer the
Services Offer At Ace Steel Rule Dies :
  • Gasket Cutting Dies 
  • Gasket Die Cutting Machine
  • High Tolerance Steel Rule Dies
  • Gasket Steel Rule Dies
  • Gasket Maker Dies
  • Seal Steel Rule Dies
  • EMI RFI Shielding Dies
  • Ace 5M Manual Die Cutting Press
  • Laser Gasket Steel Rule Dies
  • Speciality Gasket Steel Rule Dies
  • EMI Connector Gasket Dies
  • Rubber Gasket Dies
  • Silicone Gasket Dies 
  • Flange Gasket Dies
  • Full Face Gasket Dies
  • PSA Gasket Dies
  • Preco Gasket Dies
  • Custom Steel Rule Dies 
  • Multiple Automatic Steel Rule Benders
  • Steel Rule Die Punches 85,000 in Stock
  • ​Steel Rule Die Making Supplies
  • 5 Minute Quote Policy
  • Free UPS!
  • Unmatched Knowledge and Experience
  • Customers in All 50 States, Mexico, Europe, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Steel Rule Dies |  Gasket Cutting Dies

  1. Steel Rule Die
    Steel Rule Dies
    Ace Steel Rule Dies manufacturers High Tolerance Steel Rule Dies to customers the World over. Established in 1960 we are America's Premier Steel Rule Die Maker.
  2. Gasket Steel Rule Dies
    Gasket Cutting Dies
    Custom Gasket Cutting Dies designed to cut numerous materials including silicone, emi rfi shielding, kapton, nomex, buna-n, elastomers, epdm, cork, viton, neoprene, foam, PTFE etc. Miles of Steel Rule in Stock!
  3. Gasket Dies
    Gasket Dies
    High Tolerance Gasket Dies. 1000's of Customer around the World trust Ace as their source for their Gasket die cutting requirements. We are the Home of the Impossible Die!